Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life Lessons

This week I have learned the following things: Mostly all the hard way.....

Always make sure you have your wallet before you get in the car to run errands.... Most stores will not except stale goldfish crackers or an extra binky as a payment form.

Shut bathroom door during potty time to avoid Sydney's quick escape followed by her peeing on the floor. I'm not sure whether to give her a potty treat or not for this.......

Never, Never use your husbands razor to shave your legs, even if it does mean getting out of the warm shower to search for a new razor. It's not enough that my legs are as pale as my grandpa's, now they are covered in band-aids.

Uploading video's to this blog is painfully slow..... You may or may not get to see the video!

When your neighbor brings over rice krispy treats, pace yourself.... The roof of my mouth and tongue are so sore and I keep eating more! It sorta feels like I used my husbands razor on the roof of my mouth. Thanks for the delicious treat Sherry!!!

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